A County Court Judgment, or CCJ, is a court order that gets slapped on you if you fail to repay debt. It’s not ideal, as it affects your credit score. Satisfying it means paying what you owe, which removes it from your record. That improves your credit rating. But removing a country court judgment issue entirely also involves court fees starting around £255. Ouch

So, dealing with CCJs isn’t cheap or easy. But ignoring them only makes things way worse in the long run. Your credit goes from bad to worse. Good luck getting loans approved down the road! So you pretty much have to handle that country court judgment at some point if you want to borrow again.

The question is – how much will it actually cost? Removing a pesky CCJ can get pricey, from court fees to debt repayment. But information brings power. So, let’s talk about options, requirements, and realistic costs around clearing your record.

Understanding CCJs

County Court Judgments, get slapped on you in England and Wales if you fail to repay debt. It is common with loans, credit cards, and utility bills. The court orders you to cough up what you owe. Ignore that, and the debt collector can seize your assets.

Having a CCJ drags down your credit score for 6 years. That makes getting approved forcredit cards and mortgages more tough. Landlords often reject rental applicants, too. So, dealing with them is critical if you ever want to borrow again.

  • Tank credit rating
  • Hurts loan approvals
  • Sticks around for years

The financial impacts pile up. It’s best to handle that CCJ instead of hiding from it. Paying it off lifts your credit score over time. But removing it from your record involves court fees, too; more on specific costs coming up.

The Process of Removing a CCJ

Getting that blasted CCJ gone for good takes some work. You either satisfy it or set it aside. Satisfying means paying the debt so it gets marked as fulfilled in court records. Only delete it partially, though. Setting aside removes it from your credit file completely.

To apply for a seat, you fill out form N244. Explain why the CCJ is wrong in your situation. It may have had incorrect details, or you didn’t get notified. If accepted, the court scraps it like it never happened. Your credit record now clears up quicker without it.

However, applications can be rejected by the court. In that case, satisfying repayment is the route for credit score rescue. Either way:

  • Repay debt owed
  • Apply for set aside
  • Court fees of £255+
  • Takes around 3 months

So begin your mission to deal with that CCJ ASAP. Leaving it guarantees financial headaches when loans and credit decisions hit the fan. Better get on track to lift your credit score now and put all this behind you!

Costs Involved in Paying Off a CCJ

Satisfying a ccj means paying the full debt amount owed to the claimant. If it started as a £500 credit card bill that you ignored, now with late fees and interest, it could easily hit £1500+.

You’ll also need to pay court-set fees on top of that. We’re talking another couple hundred quid, at least. So, for a single CCJ removal, expect to shell out anywhere from £500 to thousands, depending on how large the initial debt was.

Plus, any applications submitted to satisfy or remove it cost money, too. Form fees here, processing fees there. Admin charges, too, perhaps. It all adds up fast.

  • Repay original debt plus interest
  • Court fees £255+
  • Application form charges
  • Admin and processing fees

The moral of the story – don’t ignore debt letters! Stop debt collection in its tracks instead of allowing it to balloon. And clear black marks off your report ASAP to rebound faster.

Applying to Have a CCJ Set Aside

If you think that country court judgment was issued incorrectly against you, an application to set it aside may give your case a second look. You need grounds like:

  • The court acted outside procedures
  • You didn’t get proper notice of the debt
  • Details were recorded incorrectly

Complete form N244 laying out your arguments. The court can either uphold or overturn it. If approved – woohoo! Your credit file now shows no trace of that nasty judgment.

But rejection means you still have to satisfy the CCJ with payment. Be aware that submitting this application racks up more fees:

  • £255 court fee to apply
  • Maybe legal advice costs
  • 1-3 months for processing

Tackling bureaucracy can be slow and frustrating. Arm yourself with patience…and a bulging wallet! But getting an unfair CCJ set aside gives your credit score and loan chances a better chance to recover.

Professional Help and Its Costs

Navigating court judgement bureaucracy makes anyone miserable. Why not hand it off to the experts? Hiring financial or legal pros could give your CCJ removal a smooth ride.

They assist with correctly filling out court applications, drafting persuasive set-aside arguments, and negotiating repayment plans. Take the workload off your shoulders so you avoid critical mistakes.

Solicitors average around £150-200 per hour. But their legal expertise may boost set-aside approval odds. Debt management companies charge from £40 a month. It helps handle repayment budgeting if you can swing it.

  • Solicitors £150-200 ph
  • Financial advisors £40+ monthly
  • Application help
  • Negotiation assistance
  • Repayment planning

Having a loan with ccj later depends greatly on properly clearing this court order. So, investing in some assistance today can prevent extra credit struggles tomorrow. Shop around for good value to help clear your record.

Alternatives and Considerations

Can’t afford hundreds or thousands to make that CCJ vanish? Don’t panic. Other constructive steps exist, too.

Just satisfying it by repaying the debt still helps over time. Your credit file shows the CCJ marked as fulfilled rather than ignored. Scores start gradually recovering.

Payment plans through creditors could make satisfying debts more manageable. Low monthly instalments are easier to stomach than lump sums.

Or seek free debt counselling advice if needed. They assist in negotiating terms, budgeting, and prioritising debts. There is no shame in asking for help.

  • Repayment schedules
  • Free debt advisors
  • Rebuild credit slowly

A loan with CCJ approval requires diligence in rebuilding your profile. Even satisfying without removal sets you on the right long trail. Chip away through affordable steps.


Dealing with a CCJ ain’t cheap or easy. Just satisfying it requires paying all owed debt, interest, legal fees…easily hundreds or thousands out of pocket. Removing it from your record involves even more court processes. No wonder many struggle to handle these unpleasant surprises.

But don’t abandon hope. Professional help, payment plans, and slowly rebuilding credit lead to brighter days.

Weigh your options, ask for advice, and take affordable steps. With pragmatic effort, you can recover control of your finances over time. Stay pragmatic in addressing debts. And tackle problems sooner rather than later to keep your records as clean as possible.

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