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I lost my job because my boss made me redundant. I had lost hope as I had meagre money to get by and landing a full-time job was not easy at all during the pandemic. Thankfully, I had a few freelance projects. While other lenders did not entertain my application, Fast Money Finance approved it. I am glad that they trusted my credibility.


My payday loan was due but my employer went bankrupt and I lost my job. I immediately contacted Fast Money Finance and explained my situation. I really did not expect that they would put me on a different repayment plan. They asked me to pay the debt in instalments. I appreciate this.


My credit score was not good at all, which was the prominent reason for having my application turned down. It was very scary that every time I applied for a loan, it got rejected because it was further taking a toll on my credit rating. Then, one of my friends told me about Fast Money Finance. It not only lent me money but it also offered the loan at affordable interest rates.


I have no second thought on that fact that you are the last minute rescuers. Your immediate assistance at the time of my intense financial crisis after job loss was amazing. My credit score performance was draining every single day due to missed payments. The bad credit loans for unemployed were approved instantly. Small instalments and lower rates made the deal light on my pocket.

Anton Sutphin, London

A recommended scheme for everyone! The bad credit payday loans have helped me to make my work progress barring halt. It provides easy features that have made my trust stronger to avail funds for large amount. An excellent funding to bank upon direct lenders, Thank You!

John Rawls, Liverpool

I'm glad to have borrowed money from you. Getting personal loans for bad credit at lower interest rate was not easy. I found your interest rates better than the others. I've made more than four instalments on time, only two more to be made. I'm sure I’ll pay them back too. Thanks for your service. I'll contact you if I need money again.

Linda K. Vasquez, Leeds

Hey, I am Archer! Earlier, I was really troubled with the burden of my past debts and also had to face a legal notice. I was asked to pay the amount within a month and had no idea what to do next. Luckily, I found about Fastmoneyfinance who provided me with bad credit loans for CCJ and with the instant funding, I finally got rid of the debt and saved myself from damaging my credit history.

Archer L. Todd, Liverpool

My name is Stellan Ferrigno. I just wanted to share a prompt note about the services of direct lenders in the UK. A month ago I met with a surprising cost where the situation’s demand was £10,000. I was worrying to arrange money, but direct lenders, like Fast Money Finance, approved my application fast, and within an hour I received the money even with a less-than-perfect-credit score.

Stellan Ferrigno, Manchester

I like the simple application procedure and quick disbursal policy of Fast Money Finance UK. Thanks a lot for financing my needs despite my bad credit report. I will let my friends know about your company. I am glad to find that you do not charge upfront fees.

Martha V. Jacobs, Birmingham
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