A CCJ is called a County Court Judgement. By the name of it, you have probably understood that it is a legal problem. CCJs are difficult legal charges brought against you. But they can be managed. 

Before we continue to speak about the process of this solution, we would like to tell you that we are a direct lender in the industry. We have dealt with many people going through CCJs throughout our service periods. We are glad we could help them out. If you are suffering the same issue, feel free to contact us and let us know the specific complications and your present needs to solve them. We’ll be happy to cooperate with you. 

What Is a CCJ?

As mentioned earlier, a CCJ is called the County Court Judgement. It is a legal charge brought against you by a lender. If you fail to make repayments of the loan you took out from the lender, then the lender visits the court to file a complaint against you. As a result, you receive a CCJ letter with instructions.

A CCJ is a legal problem. But, at its heart, the due/ pending repayment is considered. Thus, you can call this problem more of a financial burden rather than a strictly regulatory legal issue. Here is where most debtors with CCJs choose loans for people with CCJsWe can help you with this sort of loan and that too easily. However, we can discuss it later in this post. 

What Are the Complications of a CCJ?

Firstly, you must remember that a CCJ isn’t a great problem. You might want to freak out learning that it came from the County Court. However, that’s okay. Both individuals and businesses can get CCJ. We need to manage it smartly. 

  • Most CCJ orders have financial instructions, which are a little difficult to abide by for a person with weak finances. Here are some of these issues that you might need to know:
  • Your finances will be affected. 
  • In a CCJ, you are usually required to make quick payments. If you don’t have money, you might want to steer clear of the problem by using your savings account. It will disrupt your financial goals. 
  • Getting money or borrowing cash from other lenders is very difficult when a CCJ is involved. Due to the CCJ in your credit report, most lenders may not offer you a loan quickly. With this issue running at the back of your head, you can’t also help but look for fast money. 
  • CCJ can affect your credit score greatly. You might lose more money to secure paying your credit card penalty charges. Besides, CCJ might incorporate hard credit checks in the process, which can further highlight the financial problems. 
  • You might have a probability of facing bankruptcy. Although it’s less likely to happen, your loan amount and personal finances may be insufficient at the moment. 

Is there a solution to this problem? Is it possible to manage a CCJ with advanced strategies and solutions? Yes, there is. All we can say is that sometimes we can manage debt by another debt, but an effective one. Let’s discuss that now. 

What Are CCJ Loans?

We can define loans for people with CCJs as unsecured loans. You read that correctly. We are not asking for collateral for a loan of this kind. Like other personal loans for debt consolidation, an unsecured CCJ loan can offer to consolidate your existing debt and free you from the CCJ obligation.

You can immediately take out a CCJ loan. It will help you repay all your lenders. As a result, you can now get one loan with a single interest rate, which is most likely manageable for you.

CCJ loans have been found to be extremely useful in helping you save your financial goals. They prevent the disruption of savings. You get to access more money within a very short period so that you can make your smart move to tackle a CCJ. If you have no money to deal with CCJ, then a loan of this kind will help you remove the legal objection very soon. 

How Can I Get Loans for People with CCJs Faster?

People with a CCJ obligation can easily get a loan. All you have to take care of the transparency in your statement for repayment. If you can manage to provide a lender with that statement with valid, concrete proof, then the loan will become yours anyway. As a direct lender, we offer you CCJ loans in the following ways:

  Step 1: Be honest or frank about the CCJ you are suffering from. You might need to supply information on the CCJ that has been brought against you. Also, tell your lender if you have experienced a CCJ before and how you dealt with it.   
  Step 2: Show your lender a steady way of repaying the loan. Your lender wants to know if you are a lending risk. If you can share your income statements, such as your job details; part-time work; freelancing job; or business on paper, then the lender will evaluate your loan application and send you the money immediately.   
  Step 3: Do not neglect to update your credit score. For a CCJ, your credit card might be taken for a hard credit check. That’s okay. However, you need to upgrade that credit score again to send your lender the latest and freshest details. It helps the lenders to approve the loan to you faster.    

To Conclude

CCJ loans are extremely helpful when we want to consolidate debt, which is now brought to the legal attention called a CCJ. You might not want to think of a loan during such a troublesome time. However, to solve the problem instantly, a CCJ loan might be a strong solution. Think about it and take it out if you find it suitable.  

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