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Increase your cashflow during emergencies even with CCJ

Have you ever got CCJ in the past six years? Your credit history may be affected by CCJ at any point. Still, you need immediate cash through a loan. Luckily, CCJ loans are available today to increase your cash flow instantly.

Getting approval for a loan with CCJ can be tricky, but now straightforward with Fastmoneyfinance . As the direct lender, we facilitate funds to cover different needs of people instantly.

What is a CCJ loan? How does it assists in accessing direct funds?

The lender can drag your name to court if you have any pending loans or credit cards. Then the court can issue CCJ (County Court Judgement) when it believes that you owe money from the respective lender. But having an outstanding CCJ does not mean you cannot apply and get a loan.

CCJ Loans are a specialised form of lending that helps people get money for almost any purpose.

Nevertheless, these loans are open to you when you show that you have a high income or financial background for making monthly repayments. We specialise in helping businesses and individuals, even with CCJ and bad credit history.

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Which loans are available for people with a CCJ?

Getting the following loans with CCJ from a direct lender like us is possible. Taking loans and making the proper repayment will not only let you access fast cash but also support you in positively building your credit history.

Secured Loans

It is one of the common types of loans available for people with CCJ. To access this loan, you need to secure it against certain collateral.

Payday Loans:

Your payday loans on CCJs are accepted on your income and eligibility for repayment. These are suitable for those needing smaller amounts.

Guarantor Loans

A guarantor loan option is available for people with CCJ. In this case, your guarantor must have full-time employment or be a property owner.

Is it easy to get bad credit CCJ loans?

As among the trustworthy CCJ loans’ direct lenders in the UK, we consider your requirements and precede a loan despite CCJ or yet to build a strong credit history.

We know that everyone's need is different, and there is more to you than just credit history. To help an individual with poor credit, we have designed a way of making loans more appropriate, which is excellent for everyone.

  • We offer free quotes that help you check how likely you are to be approved for a CCJ loan without impacting your credit score
  • We check your repayment capability and monthly income for providing loans for CCJs and bad credit as direct lenders instead of checking your credit score.
  • With us, you can easily analyse your payments which lets you plan and be sure you cover them.

Over time we will support you in building positive credit history if you make the monthly payment on time. With our very bad credit loans, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  • Poor or Bad credit considered
  • Borrow a huge sum of money
  • Flexible repayment
  • Affordable interest rates
  • Easy approval of the loan
  • No guarantor required
  • No hidden charges and zero fees

Is it practical to expect a CCJ loan with no guarantor?

Finding CCJ loans with no guarantor from a direct lender is always the right choice to eliminate higher risk than choosing brokerage options. In this scenario, you must secure your loan against valuable assets such as your property, house, or car.

If you decide to take a loan for CCJ with no guarantor, you must consider Fastmoneyfinance . As a trusted lender, we offer these loans if you have a stable income and affordability to repay well in time.

Are CCJ loans accessible for unemployed people?

Are you unemployed and have been issued with CCJ? But thinking of getting money for instant needs? Approach us for availing unemployed loan with CCJ. We feel high satisfaction in assisting you with the appropriate CCJ loans.

Generally, we will consider some aspects when we process your loan application.

  • No one should be denied because of unemployment
  • Everyone should deserve a second chance

We will focus on your earning capabilities and current financial situation instead of focusing on your job or employment. We do not think about what happened in our past, as we believe that all situations change.

Is it worthwhile to have CCJ loans from a direct lender?

Of course, yes. We are CCJ loans direct lender in the UK dedicated to providing the finest loan options in various classifications. With our loans, you have peace of mind. We will work on your loan from the first step to finish flawlessly, including prior checks.

Once your application is accepted, you will get money directly to your bank account. As a whole, many customers approach us because choosing a personal loan for CCJ will be the rescuer during an urgent situation.

There are no fees, and our process will not impact your credit score. Anyone can easily apply for a loan with us to get instant money.

Fastmonefinance - your trusted platform for affordable CCJ loans

We constantly develop the best competitive and affordable loans for people with CCJ. We typically offer short-term loans based on your current income and monthly spending.

Here are some of the reasons why people consider us for a CCJ loan:

  • We Have Loans For Bad Credit:

    Almost everyone knows that we help people by checking their repayment ability instead of their whole credit history.

  • Trusted And Responsible:
    We aim to offer the best service possible. As a trusted lender, we develop the right loan products with affordable terms that suit your needs.
  • No Hidden Charges:

    We are transparent and do not charge any extra fee when you apply for loans with us. There are no charges for late payment or upfront costs.

  • Flexibility:
    Our main goal is to keep our CCJ loans flexible and offer our customers the chance to repay the loan without complications.

Still, you might be concerned about how to choose very bad credit CCJ loans from a direct lender. Approach our dedicated professional team.

We assist you in accessing various loan products, even with CCJ, that accommodate your financial circumstances and should cover all your borrowing needs.


What is CCJ?

CCJ is known as A County Court Judgment, a court order given to borrowers who cannot repay their debts. However, CCJs affect credit history, which will lead to issues in the future.

Can you get a loan if you have an issue like CCJs?

Yes, you can get a loan even with CCJ. When getting these loans, it is always better to choose direct lenders who will give you a loan even if you have a CCJ.

Does it affect my credit score rating?

Having a CCJ will lower your credit score. In most cases, your lenders will check your credit information while offering loans. However, CCJ can negatively affect your credit and lower your ability to get a loan in future.

Can single parents apply for a loan with CCJ and bad credit?

Yes, single parents can also apply for loans even with poor credit. Usually, lenders will check the score of the parent while deciding. If it is good, then the finance will be accepted. But still, many direct lenders will offer bad credit CCJ loans to help single parents to get instant cash flow.

Does a direct lender charge a high-interest rate?

Lenders will charge the highest interest rate due to previous issues. Of course, this will happen due to the higher risk while lending money to people with a CCJ. But it is also possible to get loans with lower interest rates from direct lenders like us.

Can you remove ccj immediately?

It is possible to remove your CCJ instantly when you pay the debt in full within a month from the issued date. Also, getting a certificate from the court is easy once you have paid off all the debt.

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