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Do you have a dream of buying a new car but do not have enough budget to afford it? You could apply for a car loan from a direct lender. It helps you to access direct cash for financing your dream car.

A car loan is a financial support people can use to purchase a car by putting minimal payment from their savings.

The borrowed money can be repaid with the fixed or agreed interest in equal monthly payments. Typically, these loans are secured with the vehicle being bought.


Getting a car loan is one of the most popular methods in the UK for buying a new or used car.

Car finance from direct lenders will be the smart choice instead of choosing brokerage services because it eliminates financial burden.

Is a car loan available for a bad credit score?

Of course, car loans are available for people with any credit history.

Whether you are buying your own car or prefer to upgrade to a newer model, we let you get enough funding even with poor credit.

We know your situation, so we offer 100% guaranteed car finance for bad credit by checking your repayment ability.


Our loans are mainly designed to assist you in getting full freedom to buy a car without any restrictions or limits. Therefore, our lowest-interest car loans allow you to build a positive credit score.

This will assist you in refinancing your car loan, or you can also obtain any other loans in the future.

How can refinance car loans work?

Refinancing a car means swapping the current auto loan with a new one. In this scenario, the new loan pays off your original loan.

Refinancing your car will be the right choice if you need to save a decent amount on your car loan. It could save money because this will lower your monthly payment by decreasing interest.

However, you can easily put that money toward savings or paying off bills, credit card debt, or other options. Before deciding on refinance car loan, it is significant to find out how to refinance a car and which is the correct time to do so.

When should people consider refinancing a car?

Refinancing a car loan is swapping your existing loan for a new loan with various terms. In general, deciding when to refinance a car is tricky. Even the benefits might be limited.

Before deciding on the refinancing option, you must focus on whether the following circumstances relate to you.

  • You could not shop around for rates
  • Monthly payment is too high
  • Your credit history or score increased
  • Interest rates have dropped

Refinancing a car could be a smart financial if you come to us. We make our customers explore potential rates by comparing loan options. Our auto refinance calculator lets you determine if the benefits outweigh the costs.

Can I take direct lender car loan with ccj?

Yes, it is possible to take a vehicle loan even with your CCJ. If you have had a CCJ because of your default, do you still experience problems finding loans? You must check out our loans.

Despite your credit history, we aim to provide you with the best car loan for CCJ. Instead of your credit, we focus on your stable income to check your repayment ability.

How are car loans advantageous to the individual?

A car loan is one of the flexible funding options which can be borrowed for vehicle financing. These loans either be secured or unsecured.

At FastMoneyFinance, we provide vehicle loans as a type of personal loan. These loans can be availed without pledging your property as security. Our car loan refinance can be availed for a user and a new car.

Here are a few benefits of our car loan,

  • No Down Payment:
    You do not need to pay a down payment while purchasing your car. The reason is that your personal loans do not need collateral or any form of security.
  • Flexibility:
    Our car loans have a fixed tenure, and the repayment starts from 6 months. Even borrowers can choose a longer tenure based on their exact needs.
  • Improved budget:
    You can choose our bad credit loan for a car, depending on your vehicle. Whether it is a new or used car, you can proceed with the loan accordingly.
  • Repayment options:
    Our loans come with flexible repayment options so you can choose the most comfortable repayment based on your needs. It is also possible to choose the tenure of your choice.
  • Instantaneous Money Disbursal:
    You can avail of our loans immediately. Most importantly, funds get credited into your accounts in a few minutes.

Fastmoneyfinance: platform to get funds for your car

We are a direct lender specialising in providing no credit check car loans to those who require a subprime solution for buying their next car.

Availing of a car loan from our company will bring numerous benefits. Even it is smoother and easier than dealing with brokers. Here are some reasons why people choose our car loans in the UK.

  • Streamlined processing:
    We have streamlined loan terms where the application is made in a few seconds. Our centralised system processes your loan applications successfully to enable fast approval.
  • Easy And Stress-Free Documentation:
    We consider a few documents when you approach us for availing car finance. Our service is quite simple and easy.
    We check our customers' repaying ability and collect some documents to check your steady monthly income.
  • Huge Amount Of Loan:
    We have different loan options in various categories. For in-house brands, we offer 100% of the car value. Even you can get customised car loans as per your exact need.
  • Loan Tenure:
    Typically, bad credit car loans come with a higher interest rate. Still, it is possible to get affordable car loans by approaching us.
    The repayment period may vary based on the loan that you choose. It will range from 1 to 7 years. You can choose the comfortable term based on the available tenure.
  • Prepayment:
    You can prepay the loan when you have enough funds, which will let you close your loan easily. There are no additional charges or fees for the prepayment.
  • Friendly support:
    Our dedicated team of professionals guides you through the car finance process. We are also ready to answer all your questions that you may have.
    Our support is available from starting your application to driving away in your new car.

Getting a car loan to buy your favourite vehicle is a good idea. Generally, we offer 100% guaranteed car finance with the lowest interest rate and flexible repayment terms.

Accessing a car loan for bad credit is tough, but it is still possible. Apart from your credit score, we focus on some factors in your profile.

You can easily avail of our car loan financing with a high income or financial background.


Can you refinance my car loan from a direct lender?

Yes. You can get Car loan refinancing from a direct lender online, and it is a good idea when you get funding at a better interest rate.

Direct lenders offer better car refinance loans for people with strong credit scores or financial conditions. However, keep this in mind while getting refinance.

Where can I get a loan for my used car from a lender?

It would be best to approach responsible direct lenders to get a loan with better terms. Choose online lenders like us to get finance for purchasing a used or a pre-owned car.

Before approaching any lending services, you must analyse the loan terms, including interest rates and features, to make the right decision.

Can I get car finance with bad credit on instant decision?

Individuals with bad credit scores can also apply for car loans. We provide instant decisions after complications of your application.

Sometimes loans for bad credit are offered with higher interest rates. To avoid complications, you must approach us, who offer car loans with affordable interest rates.

Where can you apply for bad-credit car finance?

It is perfect for applying for a car loan from direct lenders. Many responsible lenders like us offer existing customers pre-approved loans, even with bad credit.

No wonder you have higher chances of obtaining the best financing options by choosing the right lending service.

Does it require any specific documents for loans for a car?

Usually, the terms and conditions of a bad credit loan for a car will usually vary based on the lender. Normally, the lenders will collect Proof of identity, income proof, address, and bank details while offering can finance.

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