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Direct Lender Loans- Financial Freedom is just a few clicks away

Do you need additional funding to pull through the crisis? And, what best way to tackle it than getting a loan! But a variety of options available around you can make it difficult to choose what is apt for you.

Direct lender loans here present a no-fussy way to borrow. It is because you can now straightaway approach lenders like Fastmoneyfinance for loan support. You don’t have to hire a broker to get this job done for you in return for some hefty commission fees.

Very bad credit loans from direct lender

Our take on borrowers’ needs is completely different from traditional lenders. We prefer providing a simple way so that borrower’s like you can take out money minus any hassles. We have extended our financial support to many people, whoever has approached us. We are glad our effective assistance was and still is useful for our borrowers.

Why borrow online loans from direct lenders?

Best price

  • We want you to get better value for money.
  • We rely on a competitive pricing policy.

Least disbursal time

  • We understand why you may be rushing.
  • You may rest assured to get help as early as possible.
  • We will not take forever to process your request.

Soft check only

  • We run a quick check to determine your ongoing financial standing.
  • It is not a heavy procedure.
  • It leaves zero imprints on your credit history.

What do you get affordable loans from direct lenders?

The name itself has some hints. Yes, you get that right! You can fetch exclusive loan offers with us without meeting many brokers. We are ready to help you in every possible way.

We offer affordability loans with no credit check by being a direct lender. No mediator or middle person is involved in this process. Here, we are directly responsible for addressing the financial requests of borrowers like you.

It is our way of lending. We feel this way we can best reciprocate your financial necessities. There are basic operational dissimilarities between traditional lenders and us.

Affordable loans from direct lenders Loans from traditional lenders
Rates are clearly known through comparison Rates are not clearly defined
Online application is accepted Offline application is highly preferred over an online application
Approval does not take much time It is a long process to get through the approval
Funds credit immediately after approval Fund transfer happens after a gap of 1 to 2 days
Any source of income is acceptable Stable and a full-time income is acceptable

What are the distinctive traits of direct lender loans?

You will be surprised to know that direct lender loans are accessible for people living on benefits also. In short, borrowing from us can give you surprise experiences. Our focus is on covering a wide range of traits that are unique and beneficial at the same time. Some of them are:

  • No restriction for very bad creditors:
    In a normal scenario, someone with very poor credit scores cannot think of getting loan help from lenders. However, we work differently by giving you the possibility to make progress in your financial situation. We specialise in offering very bad credit loans with no guarantor as a direct lender. Here, your extremely bad credit status cannot pull you back from reaching out to us for loan assistance.
  • Approval on affordability:
    Fastmoneyfinance is a reliable direct lender. We don’t blindly give away loans even though we are willing to support people living with limitations. We look at your affordability, which defines your current repaying ability based on your income. Having some monthly income is imperative while you are applying with us.
  • Apply minus any complications:
    With us, the application is 100% online. It displays that you don’t have to rush to the bank and ask for help. Besides, you don’t have to submit the application in person. You can get started with us online with minimal effort and in the least time.
  • Adaptability as per your needs:
    We present personalised offers. There is no standard format based on which we lend money. With us, you are free to decide the repayment plan and the amount you should borrow. It portrays how we adapt our services according to the borrowers’ needs. You can even obtain instalment loans with no hard credit check from a direct lender like us.

How useful is it to Borrow Loans for Bad Credit from a Direct Lender?

Credit scores are a sensitive aspect when it comes to borrowing. Thus, direct lenders making borrowing easy for very bad creditors like you are a rare opportunity. For this reason, we are an exception providing you with various benefits despite your limitations.

Loan quote without any compulsion

The best thing about getting direct lender loans is that it does not include the condition of pledging collateral. We measure the capability of the borrower based on current financial activities. We don’t want you to gather support in the form of the guarantor. You can request a loan quote that you get without any fees.

Online calculation made easy

There is no need for you to pick any random amount. Back your selection with calculation. We let you work out the best amount and repayment plan free of cost.

Prepay without paying extra fees

Repayment is going to be flexible. It means you can choose any plan that suits you the best. However, if the financial situation becomes stable and you can repay early, don’t hesitate to do it. No additional fees will be charged for prepayment. We will be happy if you can pay back before time as it will be good for your financial well-being.

Nothing is hidden

With us, you can form a clear idea about the fee structure we will design for you. Unlike any other direct lenders, we might be charging an upfront fee by hiding from you.

I want no credit check. Can direct lenders offer such loans?

With very bad credit scores, it is quite natural for you to avoid credit checks that can ruin an opportunity for you. If you are applying for online loans with no credit check from a direct lender like us, you need not worry.

We don’t emphasize hard credit checks that can be harsh on your credit history. But we need to make sure about a couple of things like your:

  • Present financial standing
  • Monthly income
  • Ability to pay for current bills

For this reason, we perform soft credit checks to validate if you can manage repayment despite the worst credit scores. You can freely apply for an amount that fits your budget. We cannot help you get funds that don’t match your repayment capability.

“We stand by the simple logic that says one should fetch that much they can pay for.”

We don’t function like mainstream lenders who stick to borrowers with strong financial conditions. It is because these lenders don’t like to risk their money. With us, you can apply despite having bad credit and getting no credit check loan from a direct lender.

We can be easy on you overlooking the fact that you possess very bad credit scores if you:

  • Show improvement in your financial record
  • Apply for a little amount of cash to match any trivial need
  • Belong to our old customer community

Steal your deal

Locate the best loan offer. Rest assured to have the best bet if you are handling your financial commitments honestly.

Do I have to follow hefty steps to apply for loans from a direct lender?

We know how the traditional borrowing process is full of exertions for a borrower like you. We include some minimal steps in the application procedure to reduce your effort. These are enough to collect crucial details, which we would need to process your application.

The steps go like this:

How to apply?

  • Fetch the online form
  • Feed in details as enquired
  • Click on the submit button
  • Receive a free quote
  • Wait for final approval
  • Get money in your accounts in no time

Why should I choose Fastmoneyfinance over other lenders?

A natural curiosity will hit you before you apply with us. It is to validate if we are worth giving a try. You are in your worst financial phase. It has even affected the amount of exposure you get for funding.

It is where we are your perfect financial companion. We are ready to consider your major setbacks. Above all, we will allow you to gather financing for your pending necessities.

Reasons are several why you can trust us more than any other lending institution:

  • Rates are feasible and transparent with us
  • Any-time support as we are open round the clock
  • Relaxation from any kind of compulsion
  • Convenience to apply at any time and from anywhere


Can I Seek Direct Lender Loans for Guaranteed Approval?

Of course, you can look forward to getting assured financial help. However, we will focus on certain aspects of your financial nature. You don’t have to worry at all if you are responsibly managing your present financial duties.

What risks are involved for us if we take a loan from a direct lender?

If your credit rating shows instability in the form of very bad scores, high-interest rates will be imposed for direct lender loans. So, be frugal and borrow up to the limit you can afford.

Does Fastmoneyfinance offer very bad credit loans and no guarantor all over the UK?

Yes, we actively operate in different regions of the UK. You can get in touch with us by sending a simple online request.

Can I use the Lender Loans for Mortgage repayment?

There is no restriction on loan usage. However, you will receive small direct lender loans, which is beneficial to reduce any small funding gap created in a mortgage payment.

Is a fixed rate also possible with a direct lender?

Yes, you can access fixed rates with us. However, we specialise in offering flexible offers that are pocket friendly. You are open to picking any option as per feasibility.

Does a direct lender give loans with no credit check?

With us, you don’t need to undergo any hard checks. We just need to confirm if you can afford repayments. Soft credit checks are enough to validate that.

Can I get instalment loans with no credit check?

Certainly, you can get these loans if you have chosen them from our wide range of loan options. You must go for this option if you want to repay with ease.

Can you get very bad credit loans from direct lenders in the UK while living on benefits?

We accept different types of income. Earning through benefits is also valid according to us. Our main concern is just your loan affordability. If you are good on this side, then loan is yours.

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