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Is consolidating your pending debts becoming mandatory? Do you need additional funding to facilitate much-needed home improvements? Do you want more funding to fulfil any other financial goal? If yes, a homeowner loan is the most suitable option to explore.

As a specialist provider of homeowner loans, Fastmoneyfinance dedicates these loans to a smooth, reliable and easy-to-practice procedure. With us, you get loans at the most competitive rates for sure.

There is no need to approach any third party to reach us, as it will only waste your time. Come to us directly, and we vouch to assist you from the start till the end. Post your loan enquiry now, and soon you will see money has entered your bank account.

You may have many loans for homes and the owners get specialised benefits, too. Still, availing of these homeowner loans is a better bet. You get rates much cheaper than any other personal loan.


Homeowner loans are also called secured loans. You can have an easy loan approval as you use your house as the loan collateral. Therefore, these funding sources are safer choices than remortgage.

What should you consider before applying for a homeowner loan?

Homeowner loans can help you primarily consolidate the running debts, decorate your home, or do mandatory home improvement. Our deals go beyond the limitations and come with exceptional and customer-friendly features.

How does the homeowner loan work?

The first thing is you should be a homeowner. You need to own a home to use it as the loan collateral. This is why these loans are also called home equity loans.

Once approved, you get the lump sum amount secured against your property. With that, you get a larger amount, longer duration and more affordable rates.

How much amount can you obtain?

At Fastmoneyfinance, you can borrow between £5000 and £300000. The final amount will be decided according to your affordability and the current value of your home.

We may sometimes want to know how much mortgage remains on your home.

Will you have 100% loan acceptance?

No loan comes with a full guarantee as it is primarily determined through the aspirant’s credit history. However, you do not need to worry about it because you have kept loan collateral.

We may want to examine ongoing financial circumstances, property value and current mortgage status. Based on these, we approve your loan request.

What will be repayment period?

These loans are unlike personal loans when it comes to repayments. You borrow the higher amount and repay on comparatively longer term. The estimate home loan repayments may go up to 30-35 years. You should analyse it before applying. You can take the help of our experts. They will not charge for their consultation, as we are here to help you accomplish your dreams.

Why a first-time homeowner loan is helpful?

Individuals buying a home for the first time can consider loans a risk. They do not know the marketplace and hesitate to trust any lender. You do not need to overthink when you come to us, as we specialise in first-time homeowner loans.

Here are the reasons why these loans are useful:

Large amount to borrow: Buying or renovating a home for the first time can require a higher amount. You can get the same by applying for these homeowner loans.

Consolidating debts: Since you are new to managing the finances, you may have many debts to clear. This loan may effectively consolidate debt and bring everything on a cheaper interest rate.

Minor or major home repayment: Home improvements can be expensive for first-time home buyers. With this loan, they can achieve this goal, which will later prove beneficial in raising their home value.

A perfect substitute to remortgage: Remortgage can be helpful but not as a home equity loan, especially when you need a large amount. Sometimes, homeowners cannot qualify for remortgage or disagree on a fixed rate. Therefore, these secured loans are the perfect alternative.

Loans beyond credit score: Most loan applicants would enjoyone liberty with first-time home buyer loans. They can apply with any credit score because you have already submitted collateral against the loan amount.

Is there any chance for gettinga homeowner loan with bad credit?

There are loans available for people with good credit. At Fastmoneyfinance, we provide exceptional deals on homeowner loans for bad credit people. If you have faced struggles in the past to manage payments and consequently have a poor credit score, we will not turn down your application. We have prepared dedicated deals where the approval comes beyond credit histories.

Other lenders may not be interested in assisting individuals with poor credit. We consider all types of credit scores and accept any past issues such as bank defaults, missed payments, debts and many more.

We are ready to accept applications coming on CCJ loans for homeowners. We do not include any limitations to our lending decisions. If we provide loans, then these will be available for everyone. County Court judgment issued against you might be because of unavoidable circumstances. It does not mean you cannot qualify for loans. You deserve a second chance, and we will provide you the same.

Our loan procedure runs on common sense. We have a qualified team of loan experts who decide depending on individual affordability and circumstances. After carefully analysing aspirants' recent financial performances, we consider every request for a bad credit homeowner loan. We create every chance so that you can explore every loan opportunity.

Your loan collateral also plays a crucial role in the loan approval. You can leave your credit score behind and qualify for our easy loans with the asset you pledged. We give you peace of mind as we pursue soft credit checks only.

It is vital for homeowners with past credit issues to advance towards a loan with proper caution. You should ask for only that amount, which will be affordable and repayable till the loan term ends. If you fail to do so, it may damage your credit rating further.

What advantages do homeowner loans bring for you?

Personal loans for homeowners significantly benefit them when they cannot enlarge their recent mortgage. Here are the significant benefits that you will get with us:

  • No fear of early repayment fees
    If you need more money during your current mortgage term, you may have to pay extra charges while doing early repayment. It will be costly as you have to compromise with other expenses. On the other hand, homeowner loans are available with no extra early repayment charge. You can quickly review your options and save money for necessary expenses.
  • Prevent yourself from remortgage
    Using a home equity loan, you can stay with your ongoing mortgage product. You tend to remortgage when you gain lower interest rates from another lender. This process will take time and money. With a homeowner loan, you can keep your current mortgage as the financial need can be fulfilled with sufficient funding.
  • Best option while having any credit issues
    Mortgages are for longer term, but circumstances can happen midway when you cannot repay the repayments or have credit issues. You have to abide by the lender's qualifying criteria. Still, a sudden dip in your credit score does not fit them. Here, a homeowner loan can be beneficial as it comes with no past credit issues. Moreover, you even get acceptance despite CCJ against your name.
  • Higher loan approval chances
    These secured loans have to be backed up by collateral like your property. Lenders accept your asset as a guarantee of loan repayment. If you default in between the loan term, they have the right to repossess your asset. It may be risky, but you have the higher loan approval chances during the critical times.

These loans bring larger funding to borrow at a lower interest rate than a personal unsecured loan. Do you need a homeowner loan? Get the perfect deal in your favour by applying at Fastmoneyfinance.

What are the possible risks of homeowner loans?

A homeowner loan certainly has plenty of benefits. At the same time, they are not untouched with any risks for the applicants. As responsible direct lenders in the UK, we take responsibility for making you familiar with the possible homeowner loan risks. These include:

  • Assets to lose:
    Perhaps the most significant risk of these loans is the possibility of losing the asset you pledged. It will happen when you default in between the loan terms. The lender keeps the right to repossess your collateral if you miss the repayment.
  • Fees:
    Some lenders charge heavy fees if you delay the repayment or sometimes they hide any surprising costs before the loan procedure. If you get trapped in their loan deals, it will cost you too much. However, Fastmoneyfinance is one such place where everything runs on transparency.
  • Rates may get variable:
    Home equity loans usually carry flexible rates. It means your interest rate may go up and down as per the trends of the Bank of England. It may prove difficult for you to budget the monthly instalments. Make sure you borrow the affordable amount only.
  • Impact on credit score:s
    Like any other loan, if you do not repay the amount on time, it will hamper the progress of your credit score. Not repaying on time harms those with poor credit scores.

These risks will be there but our loan experts will assist you in keeping everything under control. You can follow their suggestions and get the most relevant deal on homeowner loans.

How the interest rates are decided on homeowner loans?

The final interest rate on a homeowner loan depends upon several factors in which your personal circumstances are vital. We do not fix anything for everyone, as you may have different financial needs than others. Therefore, we first analyse your requirements like:

  • How much amount can you borrow?
  • What is your credit history?
  • What is your current monthly income?
  • How much equity do you possess in the property?
  • How much will your loan collateralbe?

We are committed to offering you the best 5-year fixed home loan rates if you can show your loan affordability. We are flexible in ensuring the interest rates vary among individual circumstances. We offer the most affordable loans so you can pay the instalments without hassle.

Moreover, we are not keen to repossess your assets. Our efforts are to keep each loan term under your control. However, you need to pay all instalments on time. Otherwise, it will possibly impact your credit score. Contact us as soon as possible if you face any difficulties where you cannot repay. We will make the best possible provision for it.

Fastmoneyfinance is the best platform for home loans or home equity loans available at the cheapest rates. Speak to our loan specialist for the best deal. We will quickly analyse your loan request and try hard to disburse the funds to your bank account on the same day.

Call us at 44 1513-250-998 or make a loan enquiry. We are already prepared with loan quotes. You just have to pick the most suitable one.


What is a homeowner loan?

A homeowner loan is a funding source you can use to borrow funds if you own a home or property equity. As the name suggests, this loan applies to those who are homeowners. It is also called a secured or home equity loan, as you must keep your home as collateral to get the desired amount. In some cases, it is also referred to as second-charge loans.

How a homeowner loan is different from a home loan?

A home loan is a loan the individuals avail to purchase a new property or home, which does not belong to them until they purchase. In simpler words, it is a loan applicable to those wanting to purchase a new home. On the other hand, a homeowner or home equity loan is availed against the existing property, which the applicant submits as loan collateral for approval.

When will I get acceptedfor homeowners loan?

Fastmoneyfinance invites online applications for homeowner loans. You can submit your request by filling out a single-page online form with a few papers to submit. If everything goes well with your application, we guarantee the same-day loan approval and fund disbursal. However, the approval may take time if there is unclear in your loan application.

Can a self-employed apply for a homeowner’s loan?

Yes, of course. As we have said earlier, our loans come with no limitations. Self-employed individuals (if they own equity in the property) have the advantage of loan approval because they tend to earn more than salaried individuals. However, you need to show the trading record for the last one year. We are more willing to offer flexible terms if you can afford the loan.

Can I get homeowners loan without a mortgage?

Yes, we can accept your homeowner loan application even if you do not have a mortgage on the home. You have a better chance because you can use the home as a loan security. After all, it is registered with your name. However, alternatives like unsecured personal loans are available with small amounts, up to £25000.

What other loans are there for homeowners here?

At Fastmoneyfinance, homeowners can explore every loan option that we offer. They have the plus point of keeping home as the loan security. For example, we offer unemployed loans, CCJ loans, very bad credit loans, payday loans and car loans for homeowners. Just show your loan affordability and receive instant approval from us.

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