The way businesses ran their operations has changed rapidly in the past few years, and after the onset of a pandemic, things have undergone a sea change. Today, side gigs or freelance work have become a significant thing in itself, and an increasing number of individuals have become small business owners in their own right. In addition to their primary work from home, they are ready to become side hustlers and offer their services directly to consumers.

These days, several apps and tools are available for side hustlers looking for their next thing with companies or consumers looking for useful remote talent. Here we will review a few of them and help individuals find side gigs and act as solopreneurs.

Hustlr.Cards App To Turn Side Hustlers Into Business Owners

This innovative app allows side hustlers to add their complete business info including details of their products and services, photos, pricing, social media links and contact info, among other things. It helps streamline their services better and serves as a single-source solution for their business needs.

The app aims to look for side gigs and work as solopreneurs and help lend an organized look and feel to their offerings. You can easily present your services to the users and connect instantly, and this kind of accessibility is beneficial for individuals working out of Instagram and Facebook.

‘Open Studio’ Platform Helps Freelancers Look for Remote Work Positions

This unique platform lets freelancers connect with each other, including designers, product developers, web developers, and other professionals. They share any remote work opportunities and help build a community of professionals and freelancers looking for their next project to keep their workflow agile and adaptable.

Companies can also join the platform to share work opportunities and find freelancers of all skill levels and expertise to look for their best fit remote hirings. Open Studio works as a viable alternative to traditional job platforms and websites with a fresh outlook on remote work in the pandemic era.

It is a common fact that in this pandemic era unemployment has hit an all-time high. Some people are even forced to look for CCJ loans with no guarantor from a direct lender in a bid to survive financially. In such a desperate situation, these kinds of virtual platforms and events help look for remote positions.

FlexJobs Virtual Job Fair

FlexJobs held a virtual job fair in May 2020 to provide a platform for applicants worldwide to look for remote work positions with companies interested in remote hirings. Chat and video conference was used to communicate for job seekers and employers to connect virtually and look for suitable work matches.

Applicants were asked to learn about employers and available work positions before the virtual fair began to focus on where they might find the right kind of work. All sorts of positions from software engineers to legal positions and analysts to work in different fields were available at this remote job fair of its own kind. In the post-pandemic era, these kinds of events are bound to become more commonplace and change the traditional concept of job fairs and scouting for work positions forever.

Centennial College Online Summer Job Fair

Centennial College organized an online summer job fair in the summers of 2020 when it was becoming increasingly difficult for students to look for one due to the pandemic situation. It featured Angus Consulting Management, Jays Care and Ontario Place along with other big brand names.

Through the online fair, companies offered several opportunities with details of positions and contact details where students could apply for the chosen positions. HireCentennial was a specialized platform created at the event to facilitate the application and hiring process virtually.

Hyr App Fills the Work Gap With Extra Gigs

Hyr app is focused on helping users find side gigs, additional work shifts or second jobs to earn a bit of extra income on the side. It also has a feature for workers and employers to rate each other for job performance or work satisfaction and payouts to help users find exactly what they are looking for.

Right now, the app is more focused on hospitality and retail segments, given the relatively little need for training to function well in these areas. It could expand its services into other services as situation and work conditions improve with time.


To fulfil short-term needs for a project, big business owners also look for people who can provide their services for a limited time or more or less as a side gig. Many consumers alike look to directly seek the services of more affordable professionals than usual and efficient.

These side hustling opportunities are beneficial to established businesses, consumers, professionals, or freelancers looking for something to keep the work wheels moving apart from their primary work roles.

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