County Court Judgement (CCJ) is issued when a person does not pay the bill or any loan repayment on time. With a complete non-payment, the concerned institution holds the right to take this issue to court. On guilty, a CCJ issued against that person.

You should understand that such matters usually happened with a secured loan or mortgage. Having a blot of CCJ restricts you from significant credit for a minimum of 6-7 years.

In the report of CCJ, it is clearly mentioned how much you owe to the creditors and how much amount remained unpaid in your credit history. If you are still unable to make payments, then the court will intervene and confirm your affordability to get and pay.

Therefore, you should do everything to make regular payments despite having the CCJ. If you again default, then it will confirm that all lending doors will be closed for you.

The Hope of CCJ Funding is Still There

Possessing a County Court Judgement against your name becomes an obstacle in getting the desired financing when you need it at most. Your credit record will show this, and mainstream lenders like banks may not allow you to borrow money.

If the lending institutions allow you a loan, then it will be at very high interest rates. Even though you pay all the debts on time, still CCJ will not come out from your record straightway.

Against all realities, there is one more reality. A few lenders are still providing CCJ loans making things specific for the specific borrowers. These options may have higher interest rates, but you can get at least a loan approval to improve your credit situation.

The interest rates are still higher because you are a risky borrower for the lenders, and they have the right to back up their lending money. They cannot trust you as they can with those of good credit scores.

There is another restriction on these loans that you will not be allowed to borrow a large amount. You can borrow only a small amount probably to cover up the financial emergency.

How CCJ Funding Benefits You

Getting the funding access despite County Court Judgement is itself the most significant thing. Yet, you receive several other benefits to get rid of the financial mess. Some of them are:-

  • You have a good chance of removing CCJ against your name. Regular payments of the loans will show up that your credit record has good performance now. The court will notice that, and it may remove judgement against your name. However, it should be done within six years of County Court Judgement.
  • A financial mess doesn’t need to only one time in your life. Instead, it will come again, and you have to be ready for this. With having the availability of bad credit CCJ loans, you have the chance of approval and eradicating the financial mess if it is re-occurred.
  • You have an equal opportunity of improving the credit score as well. After availing of the loan, you should repay the loan sincerely following the monthly instalments as per the loan schedule. An improved credit score will always help you to borrow more funds in the future.
  • Try to find out a lender who can accept your loan application without needing any guarantor. Yes, it is possible, but not from traditional lending institutions like banks. For this, you have to seek the assistance of an online lender, as they are flexible in their approach. If the borrowers’ recent credit performance and income capacity are satisfactory, then lenders can offer you CCJ loans with no guarantor.

In the Nutshell

County Court Judgement (CCJ) will put many obstacles into the ways of your financial progress. Still, there is a ray of hope for those having such issues. Some reliable online lenders in the UK are there to cooperate with you in tough financial times.

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