Earlier this year, I came back from travelling to Russia. I was unemployed for a couple of months. I thought about my spirituality and all that stuff. I thought I would be safe with it. Besides, there would be no emotional pain, no difficulty, lack of meaning, and no this and that.

Because of all this, I was sorely mistaken and developed these different ways that everyone can cope with being unemployed until you have employment, and I will reel off those now.  

What is it like being unemployed?

Being unemployed are challenging for a few reasons, and lack of income is one of them. Lack of income means lack of freedom; you cannot do the things you want to do. The society, unfortunately, we have gotten a play to that too.

You do not have a reason to get up in the morning. That can be pretty jarring, especially if you have had a job in the past for long periods get enough to having nothing to get to or do nowhere specifically can be quite disrupting.

The routine and not only that, there is pretty intense cultural conditioning which says that if you do not have a job, you are not worth as much and just by saying that is cultural conditioning. It’s meaning which does not negate the effects because that is deeply ingrained. Therefore, that is a reason.

As well as how do we cope with it until it subsides and until we find employment? Then we have income and a reason to get up in the morning etc.

Number one is exercise;

When you are exercising, what you are doing is you are essentially getting yourself on a positive path. The path that is keeping on making improvements and you have liked a goal to get to. However, your employment can be an issue because everything is essentially a kind of chaos and is not directed towards any particular area.

Whereas if you set up through exercise, a kind of goal you want to get to that can make you feel more productive as you are getting there. You need to set a goal and break it down into microprocessors and stepping.

You are doing something healthy, not only that you are exercising to release all those feel-good hormones. Doing exercise at least 3 or 4 times a week can be helpful.

Number two is ‘Meditate’;

Now is the time you will have on your hands’ bow to pick up that meditation practice for 5 to 10 minutes. A day of meditation can help you disentangle your identification with the mind and thoughts that you are telling. That should be doing that you are worth or not worth, whatever the case may be.

Decide on a vacation within the mind during this challenging period to alleviate the effects and feel better with them.

Number three is Journal;

Write in a diary to get to know you. You have reached the time to know yourself much more in a better form. What thought is going off get to know and how you feel concerning the past? You will get to know your dreams or the future.

If you are in a job, you have to work for long hours in an office atmosphere and spend the whole day in a sophisticated space. When you have no job, it means you have a lot of time for yourself. This is the time when you can think of yourself.

This stuff will have a more significant effect further on down the line using this time as an opportunity to dig deeper and find out who you are. This would be massively beneficial.

Number four is limit your job searches;

You should limit your job searches and your applications to what you can handle. One issue I ran into was spending a great deal of my day just scrolling through job search sites as I would scroll through Facebook.

I spent great hours seeing all these different jobs, and it ended up being quite destructive.  If you determine how long you can comfortably sit there and spend every single day applying for jobs, you are ruining your sanity and your sense of self worse that could be one hour or two hours.

Number five is to become socialize and spend time with friends;

Reconnect with your old friends you have not met for a while. Reconnect with those connections live them up again. When you are talking to people, you realize that you are a part of something more remarkable when spending time with people. It is very nice to reconnect with members of your sort of tribe in your social circle.

Number six is read

Have you ever read about a topic, passion or an area that you would like to read up something you would like to wear some curiosity you have had in the past, then read about it.

I spent this time of a couple of months reading these books that I wanted to read for a while but never really had a chance to feed my mind intellectually stimulated.

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What at the end

What happens is, during this inertia or any other activity in our lives in a cynical fashion. If you pay attention, you will notice this, and through this period of inertia, what can happen is your mind can get stuck on a kind of tape loop of habitual thoughts.

These habitual thoughts are negative. It is because the mind is trying to perceive threats and may help you in survival.

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