Entrepreneurs from growing businesses follow some guidelines and keep educating themselves. With the proper business etiquette, you can direct your business toward growth. These guidelines should be communicated to your employees as well.

Business communication is crucial, and every employee should adhere to it. Some management people may need to follow the professional way and hence pay the price for it. 

It is necessary to plan for your business etiquette and adhere to it. This is not a one-day job or an on-the-spot job. These guidelines need to be prepared from the beginning and then to be followed till the end. 

Communication in Business meetings

Everyone should be fully prepared for communication, business, meetings, tasks, and operations. A business meeting is one of the crucial aspects of every business. If you are going to meet any employee, it is a part of a business meeting. 

Even if you are meeting with another entrepreneur, it also comes under a business meeting. Or the meetings with lenders for direct lender loans are also called business meetings. 

So, what should be the right way to meet people and competitors? Some people may not heed this, but it is very important. It gives your first impression to the other person.

Business Etiquette: Do’s and Don’t 

You must demonstrate several etiquettes in a business or professional atmosphere, and some should be avoided. 

Do: Use formal greetings

The way you meet a person says a lot about you and your personality. You must make the right impression to be admirable to the other person. Be formal first and then get informal. 

If you are meeting an employee or a junior of yours, try not to be informal the first time. Always greet them with Mr. or Sir. If you are meeting a woman, greet them with Miss or Ma’am. It is very important to have the right way of talking as it can irk the other person if not done in the proper manner. 

In the UK, to address with a first name, you need permission from the person. Otherwise, it may sound rude or offend the person if you use your first name for addressing. Hence, always be formal in your greetings and create the best impression.

Do: Be punctual

Being late is one of the biggest turn-offs for any meeting. Irrespective of the business or personal meeting, being late is not acceptable. Always reach on time. Try to reach five minutes early than the decided time.

Punctuality says a lot about an individual personality. If you arrive late, the other person may be upset because they had to wait. Preferably, be there on time. Being punctual helps you to avoid haste or last-minute stress. It also creates a positive impression, which helps steer the meeting to your advantage.

Taking the same example yourself, it irritates you if you have to wait for somebody. Also, it can nullify the purpose of the meeting. 

Do what preparations you have to make for the meeting in advance. Do not leave them for the end time. Reaching on time will show that you are also considerate of the other’s time.

Do: Respect personal space

Respecting personal space in whatever setup is crucial. Meeting somebody does not mean that you can invade their personal space. Try to maintain that line of segregation and have respect. 

If somebody else is making a point, try to stay quiet and listen to them. Communicating properly also shows respect for the other person. 

Along with listening, maintain eye contact. Many people avoid or fail to maintain eye contact while communicating. This either shows disrespect towards the other person or they are not interested. Do not send either of the messages. Maintain proper eye contact. Also, be aware and conscious of the difference between staring and eye contact.

Don’t: Be inconsiderate with meetings

While meeting your juniors or seniors, do not be inconsiderate. Sometimes people have a careless attitude and are least bothered by the other person. 

Whatever the discussions are to be held in the meeting, prepare for them. This shows your preparation and the importance of the meeting for you. Do not be inconsiderate, and do not speak out on the topic. 

Introduce yourself politely and listen to others’ introductions as well. Once the meeting has started, give your business card to the other person to create a good impression.

Don’t: Order people about

While in a meeting, do pass orders to anybody. Stand up and get it if you are meeting in a place where food is also there. Ordering someone you’re your chores doesn’t seem nice and is not acceptable in a professional setup. 

Even for a personal setup, you cannot order it from somebody. Imbibe courteous manners and you and polish them over time. In the UK, people do not consider it polite when you are ordering it to somebody.

Don’t: Err on the side of formal attire

In any business setup, attire plays a key role. Try to wear formal attire whenever you are meeting for official purposes. Alternatively, smart office casuals are also a good option. But people usually confuse smart casuals with informal clothes. 

They wear a jean and a T-shirt to a formal meetings. This is not acceptable. Even in formal attire, several colours are acceptable. Dark-color shirts can be good to go option while you are wearing a suit or a dress. 

If you need more clarification on something, take help from your colleagues and friends to understand formal attire. The first impression about you is from your clothes and looks. 

Ensure that your hair, attire, and hands are neat and clean. Any person appreciates this, and they feel good while talking to you.


Going with the right business meeting advocates is an art. Many people need to improve in this and hence mess up their business meetings. If you are unsure at any place, always ask for help from your colleagues. 

Since they are in the same setup, they can guide you better. Alternatively, you can check the internet as different sources mention the dos and don’ts for a business meeting.

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