Right from the old age slavery has been common practice in each and every single country. If a king wages a war against a particular country and wins over it, his commander will take the people living in that particular country as slaves to their country. Later during World War I and II with the development of independent governments developed another problem of slavery called colonization where many countries were subjected to slavery. But recently another form of slavery has been taking place where uneducated people from one country are being sent to a foreign country to work in them.

The agents get money from these people for providing them with a foreign job, and the people who are unemployed with bad credit get various kinds of loans to pay the agent. The problem is when they are being sent to the foreign country, the job description is entirely different from the jobs to their own country. Modern slavery has become an emerging problem nowadays and even though they have been reducing due to education and awareness among people, it is still an existing problem for most of the uneducated people who decide to go for a foreign country to improve their status.

The troubles faced by them

When most of these people reach the country of employment, their employers take away the passport and every other formal document from them and given some slavery works, which their agents did not tell to them. The money provided is entirely different, from the offer that their agent provided. Most of these people work under the same employer for years without being able to relieve themselves and return to their own country. Also, the loans and money issues they have, in their homeland will force them to work under the employer. Sometimes these people may face various physical torture and mental torture by their employer and fellow employees who are the seniors and a native of the country.

UK stake on modern slavery

Even though the Government of UK has taken several steps to protect the people who are facing these kinds of slavery, sometimes they end up in failure due to the strict rules and regulations. For example, if a worker from another country facing severe abuse or slavery, then they are rescued from their employer and deported back to their own country rather than providing them with another job. Because of this rule, most of the employees do not speak up on the fear of going back losing their job opportunity. The employers have to pay a fine amount as a mode of punishment, which is more or less lenient. The visa rule of UK also prevents the employees from working for another employer by leaving their job with the current employer.

Also, with Brexit deal and various other economic problems arising in the country the government is going through severe budget cuts and cost efficiency savings. Hence, the laws and actions taken against trafficking are not strict due to the other problems arising in the country. Along with adults’ slavery, there has also been a rising issue of several child employers. The government have placed various rules against the implementation of child employers which may take place in the mid of 2019. Along with these various other rules and regulations inserted in the modern slavery act and they are coming into full force during mid-2019. Despite people from various countries, there are also several UK nationals subjected to slavery and they are one of the most potential victims. Nearly 2000 children have been rescued from slavery in the year 2017. Nearly 5000 people from 116 countries lost jobs and protected from slavery in 2017 and nearly 46% of these people are the victim of labour exploitation while the remaining 34% were subjected to sexual exploitation. And out of these rescued people, nearly 34% of them are expected to be deported to their own country.

How to prevent them

Despite the laws that are prevailing in the UK, it is also essential for each and every single country in the world to make strict laws over the people who are moving from their country to another foreign land for employment. These people should have clear instructions and awareness despite their status and education. These people should also be aware of their own embassies available in the foreign country and how they can consult the embassy anytime for help during their need for protection.

The government should also take severe action against the agents who collect money from all kinds of people including unemployed with bad credit. With strict rules and awareness, a deduction in these problems is possible to a greater extent than it is right now.

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