Borrowing option has always been a risky option but if you know how to deal with it then it can get a way out. However, in the case of CCJ, things are totally opposite and the tables turned against you totally. Firstly you should know that what exactly CCJ is, so let us give you some idea.

CCJ-County Court Judgement, it is something that can shake anyone’s life from top to bottom in one second. In this situation, if you are not able to repay the heavy amount and the person files the case against you in the court, then you come into the category of CCJ credit holder, which is almost similar like a black spot on someone’s life.

On the other hand, you still have one chance that court will give you the notice that can save your condition. In that notice, it will be clearly written that if you will not repay the borrowed amount within 14 days, then you have to face the legal action.

The main thing that we should know is that in what circumstances you can be a CCJ person?

  • Not paid credit card bills/balances
  • Unpaid balances on store cards or shopping cards
  • General unsecured loans
  • Non-payment of catalogue or bulk-produced hire-purchase bills
  • Late payment of payday loans or not paid

Even, in all these scenarios, the court has an official right to take a strict action against you by announcing an official CCJ person that is something worst then your bad dreams. Even this is not the end. They will even take all the money from your bank and you will not be able to save even a single penny.

In these circumstances, everybody can take their hand off from you because no one likes to stay with a person who is in such a bad condition. Yes, it can be a difficult thing to understand but this is the reality.

Once a CCJ mark stays for a long time…

Do you even know that for how long a CCJ tag stays with you? Not aware! Let us tell you it will stay with you for six years. Shocked but this is the reality and you cannot change it in any way. Having this long period of mark can make your life so worst that if you ever get stuck in a bad financial phase. Even you can feel so helpless that nothing has actually left with you.

  • In a CCJ, there will be information on every detail just have a look at some points:-
  • How much money you have in debt?
    • Who you will be indebted the money to?
    • Who you should pay it?
    • How you should pay it smartly?
    • How long you have to pay it and in what way?

These will be the pros and cons, which you have to handle for a long period in any conditions. It can be a complicated thing and make anyone feel weaker day by day. Who like a mark on their credit history? Actually no one likes and this can be stressful to handle also. Be aware, take things smartly always, and deal with all the things cleverly.


CCJ is something that takes everything always from you and leaves you nowhere in the end. Besides that, you do not want this thing to happen with you and leaves you like a helpless person. Then there is a last way out which you should grab anytime without even thinking once.

It is loans for CCJs and bad credit from direct lenders, you can think a lot but this is the convenient options that not just you but anyone can ever get in life. If there is one option exists to come out from that mark and save the life in those 14 days, then it is what lending firm is offering you in the form of a loan.

Even after availing loans and you still find difficult to repay the loan, there is nothing to worry about. Just have a word with your lender and they will surely make a way out for you in which you can be comfortable. Now do not think much and never let you come in this adverse category.

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