Who doesn’t like their pets! How would it be if your pet starts contributing to your household income? Sounds fancy! But have you ever thought your pets could help you in earning some extra bucks? 

The monetary aspect of keeping a pet

Let’s be honest, keeping pets is an expensive affair, right from vaccinations, pet food, vet doctor visits, accessories & toys and other miscellaneous items for your pet. 

Not to forget the destruction they do in the house, shoes, clothes, scratching furniture etc. 

Some people even borrow weekend payday loans from direct lenders to give their pets the best of their lives. While all these cause leakages to your pocket, you can still make money while keeping a pet.

Ways to make extra money with your pet

  • Market Research

One of the ways is to participate in various market research studies to earn some quick cash. Like every other industry, some pets-focused companies and brands spent their budgets to know as much as possible regarding their target market to plan and make a strategy for their products. 

Since the pets cannot speak (of course) and cannot provide feedback, you would have to be available and be the voice of your pet. One of the easier ways is to sign up for online paid surveys that focus on pet products.

Even though the money would not be huge or provide you with a regular steady income, but there is no harm in making some money with little effort.

  • Be a Social Media Influencer

The social media platform has become an essential part of our lives. Some use it for personal updates, some to influence people and some for business purposes. 

Why not use social media platforms to make your pet famous? Upload cute and funny pictures/videos, your experiences and tips for caring for your pets. 

Many other things can be put on social media platforms relating to pets, their nurture, care, handling and training, which would attract a lot of traffic to your page/handle.  

Even funny and cute pictures, videos or acts caught on camera for pets are lovable and attractive. People love to watch and follow and eventually will get you paid. 

To turn your pet into a social media celebrity, you can try a couple of creative ways like 

  • Creating a social media account on their name
  • Giving a catchy social name to your pet
  • Document your pet doing things
  • Observe their behaviour
  • Use hashtags, join various related groups to help broaden the audience
  • Be regular in posting photos, videos and post updates. 

This will lead to an increase in followers, and eventually, you can earn money out of it too.

  • Share your Knowledge and Experience

Blogging is another way to share your knowledge and experience with a broader audience and earn some cash from it. Penning down the ideas, experiences, and challenges and solutions that you have faced and surpassed will help many have pets.  

If you have been having pets for a long time and are interested in knowing more about pets (their behaviour, breeds, care etc.), why not write it down and share it with the world? 

Your blog can have articles about pets in general, their behaviour, caring tips, and other posts about interesting pet-related topics. 

After building a good readership, you may approach pet-related product companies and offer them an advertisement on your site, sponsor some of your posts and earn money this way. 

You never know that your blog writing can even accumulate many written pieces that could lead you to write a book.  

  • Sell Photos

One of the options to grab some money is to sell the pictures of your pet to online picture stock galleries or other online resources. 

The original pictures are used by many blog writers, article writers, pet product websites, and companies for their branding, advertising, etc. Practice your photography skills with your pet, think of all the creative ways to click unique pictures and sell them.  

While this might not get you a bucket full of cash, but whatever it provides you with, there isn’t any harm grabbing that. 

  • Pet-related activities

You are a pet lover and have been with pets for a long time, and then you know a thing or two about pets. 

We all wish and like to do a lot of activities with pets, like bathing them, cleaning, hair trimming, walking them to the park, making them play with other pets, breeding, etc. 

Still, many people cannot devote that amount of time nor have the expertise to do all such activities. 

Why not provide such activities to the people who need them. They can pay for all such activities for their pets, and you can easily earn money with all such activities. Some offerings could be: 

Pet walking, potty and other behaviour training, bathing and cleaning, playing with other pets, pet taxi service (taking the pets to the vet or parlour). 

If this works out, you can also offer boarding services where you can keep the pet for a full day or days when the owners are out of the house and cannot take the pet along.  


Being a furry lover, you can earn money side by side and yet take good care of them. This way, you can convert your playtime into earning time. 

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