Having a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against your name is indeed a financial blot to your profile. With this blot, it will be going to be very challenging to rent a house, to get employment, to impress banks for financial benefits or to get loans from the lenders. You have not been good in your past in following the payment schedules, and that will have an impact on your present as well.

What should you do to remove this splotch? The only way is to arrange money from somewhere to pay all the dues and let the personal finance to get back on the track.

Another question comes here. From where can you arrange the necessary funding? Is there a way that can provide you with money on a guaranteed basis?

Yes is the answer to all these questions and to find out it, you need to explore the lending marketplace of the UK. Indeed, some lenders are sitting there with their online service to offer the specialised loan offer. Now anyone can go for CCJ loans from direct lenders in the UK.

These loan deals are comparatively easier to avail because they are accessible through the digital platform. In the days when the Britishers are sitting inside their homes due to lockdown imposed because of Covid – 19 Pandemic, these funding sources are nothing like a financial blessing. You can get a chance to pay off all the remaining debts and clear the judgement levied against your name.

Features of CCJ Loans And their Relevant Benefits

When nothing is going in your way, these loans come to rescue your overall finances. Now you have the chance of omitting this adverse blemish from your record and let the lenders have a trust on you.

Why are CCJ loans beneficial in prevailing circumstances? Well, it is because of their three valuable attributes, which have the explanation below.

1)An ideal Chance to Remove CCJ Tag

You cannot get the better chance than this. Undeniably, when the judgement issued against your name, you cannot sit and relaxed at home. However, you have to sit at your home due to lockdown, but your financial life must be tensed.

Applying for the loans through online mode gives you a much-needed space to borrow funds without any hassle. It will have the following benefits to your favour:

  1. You can enhance the financial profile by those borrowed funds and pay all the pending payments.
  2. You can show the Court that your current record is good and now it is the time to release the judgement against your name.
  3. Some businesses do also have the CCJ, and they can take the full advantage of these loans by amending their records and impress the clients for more projects.

2)Having Quick Funds during Urgent Situation

It is good that you are going to remove the CCJ against your name, but it will be a lot better to have quick funding during an emergency. Some situations are when you do not have funds urgently, and you need to have immediate access at any cost.

The CCJ loans can do it for you because you will be applying online for them. No paperwork, only scanned copies are necessary to send with your loan query. Such a process has the following advantages for the borrowers:

  1. You do not have to approach someone to have some funds into your wallet or bank account.
  2. Not only for monetary purposes but also there is no need to find a person to take your guarantee. Some lenders are in the marketplace offering CCJ loans with no guarantor.
  3. Since you are applying for the loans during an emergency, the borrowed amount will be small. It will allow the lender to grant you a loan with either a soft credit check or no credit assessment.

3)Brighter Prospects for an Improved Credit Score

When removing CCJ is GOOD and getting instant fund transfer is BETTER, the alive prospects of improving the credit scores is the BEST thing you can get. You are getting loans on more accessible terms and conditions, which ensure that you will get the desired funding to your registered account.

Moreover, you can utilise the borrowed amount in making all the payments on time, and that will further recover your credit score. Who knows you can find your name into the category of fair credit ratings. More benefits are mentioned below:

  1. An improved credit score opens up several lending doors for the future. These have been closed till yet due to adverse credit report.
  2. You can secure the financial scenario because when you feel insecure in terms of your money, lenders can offer you the loans with having better credit record now.
  3. If you are unable to get better employment due to CCJ or very bad credit scores, then the improved profile will help you to get the desired job.

Therefore, such vital features of CCJ loans from direct lenders in the UK have several benefits. Forget the fear of high-interest rates; you are getting at least the assured amount to save yourself.

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