Scolding your kids for playing video games? Well, it is a very common outcome of being a parent. But do you know your kids can earn money by becoming video game players? Perhaps it was not known to you.

It is another gift of technology to our world. Apart from the live-streaming games on YouTube, many games have been introduced recently. They inspire a gamer by helping him earn money. According to the statistical survey 2021, a professional gamer in the UK can earn a minimum of 26.8 billion pounds per year.

It is not difficult to understand if the minimum income can come around this small amount, then how much maximum income you can earn.

Therefore, if your kid can become successful on this ground, then there is no need to entangle in a repayment cycle due to borrowing unsecured personal loans in future. Taking loans can be an option but only in rare emergencies. You can get quick funding without putting anything in the name of collateral. Otherwise, you can better manage your finances in your own capacity if you are an expert gamer.     

Here is mentioned 7 ways to earn money by becoming a gamer.

Ways to make money by playing video games

  1. Be a quality assurer

The presence of video games in our life has been for a long. Some great video game companies offer the post of quality assurance to the gamer. The only reason for such a post is to ensure the quality of the interface and graphic design, whether buttons are working or not, and whether the difficulty level is suitable. None but only a gamer can understand these factors best.

Gaming companies will take suggestions from them and improves if necessary. A gamer can earn more than 1000£ at a time in exchange for this service. Therefore, be a gamer to get the chance to become a quality assurance.

  • Be a game examiner

Although these quality assurances and the game examiner may sound similar, they are not. There is a vast difference between an examiner and a quality assurance. The primary difference lies in the status of the game. While quality assurance work starts before the launching of the game, an examiner’s task starts after the game’s launch.

However, in this phase, a gamer needs to understand how to make a game more attractive so that it can attract buyers. Evidently, without selling games, it is impossible to make money. Therefore, gaming companies used to hire game examiners by spending huge salaries to help make it attractive.

  • Take it as a profession

You may have heard about world video game competitions several times a year. Many gamers from different countries take part in this video game competition. The primary purpose of organising such a tournament is to encourage gamers by giving them prizes.

Undoubtedly, the prize amount is high, and for this reason, a gamer usually loves to participate in such gaming tournaments.

A winner can earn up to £50000 by playing games in such tournaments. Therefore, if one is suffering from a massive repayment of personal loans for bad credit, then there is a huge chance to drive away the entire monetary problem by winning this game.

However, it can be a vice-versa situation. Suppose you have lost too much of pounds while playing the game. In that condition, you can look towards these borrowing options to fill the funding gap so your household budget will not be affected.

  • Be a game streamer

YouTube offers massive scope for gamers too. Many gaming channels stream live video during playing games. Viewers wait for such streaming. Therefore, you can secure double your income by streaming video on YouTube.

With increasing viewers, on the one hand, you will be earning money from such a digital platform. On the other hand, earn money from sponsors and advertisements because of the high volume of viewers. It is a never-ending job. Being away from entertainment, people, especially the young generation, will never stop watching live streaming.

Therefore, you can have a stable income source without hard work. A statistical survey shows that a famous YouTube gamer can earn up to £50000 annually.

  • Start joining live streaming application

Apart from YouTube, many live-streaming applications are primarily dedicated to gaming videos. By displaying live streaming of games on such platforms, huge gaming companies will increase your chance of being noticed. As this type of platform is dedicated to gaming so, chances are there to get noticed.

Besides, you can also enjoy monthly income from such platforms by reaching a particular number of viewers. Averagely a gamer can earn up to 5000£ per month if he qualifies for only 1000+ viewers. Therefore, don’t look for expensive personal loans while earning money without investing even a single pound.

It does not mean that these loans are a bad option to consider. They are useful but only when you lack any other option. These are multi-purpose loans and help a lot during different financial situations. However, they may have higher interest rates if someone has a poor credit history.

  • Publish videos of gaming tutorials

Nowadays, a person can learn everything if he wishes to learn. YouTube, one of the biggest platforms, helps this learning program to the best. Everything is available within our reach, from learning academic subjects to unacademic ones.

Many complex interface games are quite challenging to play. Being a gamer, you can become a tutor too. Start streaming tutorials on social media on how to play a particular game. You can begin with simple games. You can always earn money with every click through social media and platforms like YouTube.

  • Get payment by playing games

Did you know that playing games for a particular website will help to earn money? Even if you play through these websites, there is a chance of winning Bitcoin. Isn’t it attractive? Besides, the scope of earning foreign currency is not at all imaginary.

These websites will hire a gamer not only to play their games but also to write honest reviews. There is no investment and no requirement for viewers. Just play and earn.

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